-Every family has a story, welcome to ours-



-Ines & eoin started building their dream in 2014. -

-it staRTED WITH Asmall cabin and an old outbuilding from late 1800s...-

-soon after little connor and isabella  came along-

-kids gave us the determination  to share our love for farming and nature with our future guests-


in 2019 ourfarmhouse was build - we saved the old building and it's features.

a big thank you goes to our local stone mason - with his craftmenship the new farmhouse blends in perfectly with old!


                                                                               -  we have a house in a house!-


  meet the knightly family  

eoin: dad-farmer-superhero 

connor 5 : son-the pokemon master

isabella 3 : princess-the real boss

ines: mum-chef-disco queen

fun facts about our farmhouse:  

- eoin worked on set of star wars movie the last jedi in 2016...
we have a part of the set displayed in our house-
- our farm used to belog to dan foley - Dan was a noted magician and member of the Magic Circle -
- eoin's father john knightly was one of the builders of the movie set for ryan's daughter -
the film that changed dingle!
- in his memory our front office is an old bar from his favorite pub and is full of his trophies -

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